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All Trucks aren't created Equal

Did you know that most Repo Trucks can damage your property?  In fact, it is my experience that it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of how much.  I have been working as an adjuster in the field since 1993.  I, personally, have performed thousands of repossessions, and in the early days, damaged plenty of cars with inferior equipment.  Back then, nobody seemed to mind; cars weren't as sleek, aerodynamic, and expensive as they are today.  However, then or now, it is never acceptable for a repossession professional to knowingly use equipment that is likely to depreciate the value of your asset.

As I have travelled the country in between repos and in my personal life, it is incredible to me how many very expensive cars I've witnessed that are being pulled behind trucks that are not equipped to perform damage free towing.  In fact, this is much more prevalent today than ever.  We have all learned over the years that sling trucks are bad news, (even though many forwarding and remarketing companies still sub out your work to people using this blatantly inferior equipment) however, most "damage free" wheel lift equipped trucks still cause substantial damage to your vehicles.

It's true! These "damage free" trucks are causing thousands to millions of dollars worth of damage to vehicles daily.  I will not go into any specific models in order to avoid bad press and litigation, however I will give you the basic premise of the situation.  There are basically two specific problems that are caused by most repo equipped trucks...Number one is body damage caused by an improper loading angle.  Number two is under carriage damage cause by an improper loaded angle. As you notice, both of these problems are simple angle of attack issues that cannot be avoided by even the most cautious repo professional.

The body damage issue is not as severe as the damage we are all keen to caused by sling trucks, however it is still affecting your bottom line every time a bidder at the auction of your choice quits bidding because of the cost of the necessary repair which you are unaware of and wasn't there prior to the repossession. This situation predominantly affects sports cars and vehicles that sit close to the ground. The reason for the damage, again is an inferior angle of attack of the loading mechanism to the tires of the vehicle. Trucks that cause this damage have lifts that do not lower but tilt downwards to load. Imagine a Corvette...Now stand behind it and draw an imaginary line from just above your knees to the back of the rear tires. Now imagine where this line crosses the lower part of the bumper. In order to load damage free the lift has to enter level with the ground to avoid making contact with the fiberglass...NOT TILT! Metal against fiberglass....Bad. MOST repo trucks that I see in operation have this type of lift!

The under carriage issue is basically caused from the same inferior design.  The lift on the repo truck tilts downwards and upwards instead of raising and lowering parallel with the ground.  The problem caused in this instance occurs as the lift is loaded and in the transport position.  This time, draw an imaginary line from your knees outward to an ending point  just below your waist.  The upper point and associated end angle can cause damage to the exhaust  system, causing a very noisy car passing through the auction block, or to the oil pan or transmission pan which can drain the oil from the motor or transmission and cause the motor to knock or seize up and the transmission to slip or not pull at all.  Again, these are hidden problems and can cause your vehicle to bring hundreds or thousands of dollars less than it would otherwise.

The problem you are faced with is ensuring that your repossession professional uses "truly damage free" equipment.  The best way to do this is to ask them what type of lifts they use and research the lifts online.  You still, unfortunately, cannot be sure that all of their trucks and the trucks of their subs are properly equipped.  The simplest way to ensure this is to do what most do not have the manpower to do.  Reduce the service areas of your Repossession companies to a radius they can handle without subbing out accounts.  Of course, this means more people to deal with, but your bottom line after sale will more than pay for it in the long run.


     All Trucks aren't Created Equal!

Did you know that most Repo Trucks can damage your property? Don't trust your collateral to just anybody.  Learn how to make sure that your assets are recovered with only the proper equipment for the job.  ....
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Insist on a Professional!

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Wounded repo man in critical condition
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